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Raku Art Techniques


Raku Art has several Copper Matte glazing techniques to choose from, each with its own quality, texture, and appearance. When you decide which technique you would like, go to the pricelist and pick a piece. To choose a technique, use the drop down box and choose the associated technique name. Then put the piece in your cart and you can see what the shipping will be. Give me two weeks to create your beautiful raku. Some pieces work better in some techniques than they do in others.


This is the base for all the techniques. It is my special copper matte raku glaze sprayed over a ceramic bisque piece. It gives the piece a matte finish. The surface has colors and patterns painted with fire that look like velvet sand.



This technique has a gloss glaze liberally thrown on the bisque piece before my copper matte raku glaze is sprayed over it. This creates an abstract contemporary look with matte and gloss finishes. The gloss finish has a metallic luster on the surface.


This beautifully simple technique uses a loss glaze to create grass on the piece before it is sprayed with my copper matte raku glaze. The delicate patterns of the grass work well with the matte raku glaze. 



This is a very unique technique. I use a gloss glaze either to high-light an area or in a cascading flow over the piece.



This is a technique which uses the patterns of a sea wool sponge to create even more colors and patterns on the surface of the ceramic piece. The gloos glaze is sponged onto the bisque before the copper matte rakku glaze is sprayed. This technique creates metallic and matte patterns that look like puzzle patterns on the surface.

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